Digital Communication 

Showcase site or merchant sit

AIN'FOCOM ensures your visibility on the WEB with the creation of your website. This responsive site will be easily viewable on all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and will be adapted to their touchscreen operation.

 I will ensure the optimization of its referencing (SEO) so that your site is well listed by search engines. By increasing your traffic you will gain more visitors and potential buyers. 

Depending on your wishes for autonomy or not with regard to your site, I offer you various solutions in terms of support, supports, and prices. 

Contact me to present your project.

Animated logos

AIN'FOCOM creates your logo for you. He will be the messenger of your company or your association. It will represent your values, convey your activity and your personality through its design. 

It can be fixed or animated.

Animated presentation

I can create animated presentations for you for your social networks. These visual creations will give depth to your publications. You can also choose to use them for your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or place them on your You Tube channel.

Social networks

I suggest you create your Facebook, Instagram pages and your Google business profile. 

Today these supports have become essential for the visibility of your structure. I perform the functions of community manager by running your pages (regular posts, advertising creation, statistical monitoring, etc.)

Search Engine Optimization

I will offer you a host for your site who will ensure good quality traffic to your website and the security of your data.

Training-Digital support

Trained as a teacher, I suggest training you in the basics of office automation and IT to become independent in your efforts.

Digital mail

I can create a professional email box for you with your domain name: This address will convey the name of your business and give more confidence to your buyers. You can also entrust me with setting up and distributing your newsletter to build customer loyalty.